my ass is so spankable 

To suggest that one’s belly, body hair or tattoo is ‘distasteful’ and should therefore be covered in the name of etiquette is the very worst sort of body fascism. If your children are traumatised by the sight of a fat person in a bikini, a bit of cellulite or a caesarean scar, then may I tentatively suggest that you aren’t raising them correctly. If seeing someone hairy wearing something skimpy renders you ‘unable to eat your lunch’ then I’m afraid my diagnosis of the problem is with your brain, not their body.
― Natasha Devon, Cellulite, scars, tattoos, hair, bingo wings and bellies: It’s summer - so feel free to get it all out (via zubat)
bcuzimadork: Would you say Aquarians are more dreamy and in the clouds or more logical and intellectual?


hi… aquarius is a complex sign and impossible to pin down,  they have the airy / fixed reason / intellect and the imaginative, idealism of uranus… aquarius can comprehend any idea no matter how radical, though they refuse to adopt any belief without immense logic applied

frescaserkett: Hi cherry, love everything in your blog, I read your post about Aquarius and I'll say that most of the aquarians I've met are very emotional and sensitive, I know it may be other aspects in their charts but still it kind of confuses me


thanks love

yes aquarius is impossible to define, air/uranus/fixidity… just feels complex, aquarius is on the heart axis with leo, so they rule the heart, they are the divine love but they scatter this amongst the collective. aquarians are totally romantic and cry babies. they cried when dobby died or when a new polar bear is born. as an air sign they represent the closest manifesttation to human, its just that emotional delusions don’t cloud their vision. i hope that made sense